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  • JinLongDa Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd
    98, Jianyang Petroleum Equipment Industrial Park, Jianhu County
    • JinLongDa Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd is a member-enterprise of China Petroleum Material & Equipment Export Corporation, China Petrochemical Material & Equipment Corporation and China Petroleum Material & Equipment (Group) Corporation.The enterprise has passed the inspections of measurement assurance and second-class standardization and other inspections of products,such as ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificateand API SPEC 6A,API SPEC 6D,API SPEC 16C API SPEC 16Aand has the authorization of use of API monogram.
    • At present, the company has 288 employees including 97 engineering-technicians, 53 senior & middle technicians and 15 senior & middle technical workers, 85% of which has passed the exam for the intermediate on-the-job skill grade.The modernization factory building is combined with landscaping.The enterprise has all kinds of mechanical process equipment, such as numerically-controlled machines, vertical machine etc, completed with physical & chemical room, measurement room, which has advanced assaying, detection device and intelligent pressure test system such as the gas tight test laboratory set up under the support of the State Oil/gas-Field Wellhead Equipment Quality Supervision & Test Center, so that it has formed a complete set of detection means and strong abilities in design, development, production, and enough capacity for metal cold processing and heat processing.
    • We are specialized in production of wellhead series mainly including 14~105 MPa series of wellhead of oil & gas production, thermal wellhead and water injection wellhead, casing head, choke & kill manifold, blowout preventer and the fittings& parts of drilling and production. Wellhead series of products passed the inspection of detection center for the State Oil/gas-Field Wellhead Equipment Quality Supervision & Test Center and it covered Daqing, Shengli, Liaohe, Dagang, Xinjiang, Zhongyuan, Yumen, Tuha and other large oilfields in China, and also sold to international markets in North America, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Sudan, Algeria, Burma, etc.
    • Our Products has won users unanimous favorable comment on the stable quality, enthusiastic after-sales service and good reputation all along.

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    Address: 98, Jianyang Petroleum Equipment Industrial Park, Jianhu County Telephone:+86-0515-86276260
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